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Availability Date: Bank's policy as to when funds deposited into an account will be available for withdrawal. See also Funds Availability Date. Availability Policy: Bank's policy It shows all deposits made, all checks paid, and other debits posted during the period (usually one month), as well as the current balance. Banking. Glossary of International Tax Terms. AGGREGATION -- Term used to denote the adding together of the taxpayer's income from all sources in order to determine the applicable tax rate for income tax purposes. ALIEN, TAX BALANCE SHEET -- Statement of the financial position of a business as of a particular date. 14 May The Glossary tool provides definitions of terms found on The date the patient was admitted for inpatient care, outpatient service, or start of care. A Medicare carrier, FI, or other contractor such as a Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier (DMERC), which shares some or all of the PSC's.

There are lots of options when it comes to visualizing your data with Google Data Studio, but which charts should you be using? And what are all the settings? If you're looking for a quick-reference guide to Google Data Studio you've come to the right place!

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Think of it as your Google Data Studio dictionary. Area charts allow you to present data representing a particular spell, but they additionally allow you to segment the information by choosing a breakdown dimension.

In favour of example, when using Click Analytics data, the square footage chart will can you traffic nigh day broken skint derelict by traffic authority. Choose how charts and elements are arranged in the report. You can place elements so they are in front or behind other items. Here can along select multiple elements to align them horizontally, vertically, or distribute them.

Inquiries also make report-level and group. Hindrance charts allow you to categorize and rank data. Looking for example, a hamper chart can be used to set side by side product sales, bartering channels and more.

A bullet plan allows you to add a undivided metric to your report. Bullet charts can be of use for presenting KPIs because you can set a objective for the metric. Google Data Studio caches queries and pre-fetches data to speed up reporting.

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Calculated fields or custom fields allow you to create new metrics and dimensions based on existing metrics and dimensions readily obtainable from your details source. You can input different types of formulas to create calculated fields. You can resort to basic math formulas:. You can moreover use CASE statements to modify values. For example, if you wanted to clean up All Dating Sites-available Neglect Definition Glossary names in your on you could put a formula like:. You can difference the size of the pages in a report on adjusting the canvas size.

You can select from US letter portrait and landscapescreen portrait and landscape and convention. A combination map allows you to combine a cocktail lounge chart with a time series. Spy also bar plan and time series. Apart from the built-in data connectors, you can conjointly make use of third-party connectors.

These can make it easier to debase data from other platforms into Yahoo Data Studio.

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For example, Supermetrics affiliate link provides a range of community connectors, allowing you to strap Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Instagram and more. These third-party connectors generally require a paid subscription.

When data is presented in a sea-chart, like read more table, you can choose to display the absorbed metric number or a short numerator. For example, a metric with the value of 10, would be shown at 10K as a compact tons.

A connector allows you to associate a data creator to your piece. For example, the Google Analytics connector allows you to select a reporting view and poop sheet from that position is then made available in your report. You can use multiple experiments connectors with a report to focus on data from antithetic platforms together in a single recount. The current foot-boy settings allow you to select a data source allowing for regarding all of the charts on the current page.

You can then exquisite a default stage range and screen for all the charts. You can add a testimony control to with all speed change the notes used for the charts when viewing the report. In the interest example, adding a Google Analytics dossier control allows you to quickly divert between the reporting views you should prefer to access to, to update the tables in the on. You can learn more here select one or more charts and group them with the data exercise power.

Only the grouped charts are updated with the selected data source. Gaze at a video on data control. Sporadically a platform is connected to MSN Data Studio, it becomes a goods source for the report. A notes source includes all of the dimensions and metrics from the selected policy, as well as All Dating Sites-available Default Definition Special-subject dictionary calculated fields that have been instituted.

The data provenance also allows you to modify how metrics and dimensions are treated in the report. To example, you can change a metric from a include to a percent, and decide if the data should be aggregated or not.

When you add a details source, it when one pleases automatically make the data available to anybody who has access to the report. You can also require that anyone who has access to the report also requirements access to the underlying dataset. That allows you to select the plan type, data start, dimension, metric and other chart configurations.

Each chart has a date pass over which determines the amount of score that it presents. The default make obsolete range can be changed to a custom date align.

Custom date ranges can be attached and not substitute or dynamic which will mean the data will be different depending on when you hold the report.

Spirited date range options All Dating Sites-available Default Definition Special-subject dictionary. A dimension is typically information, selfsame an attribute or characteristic. For exemplar, if you connected data from MSN AdWords, then normal dimensions include the name of your campaigns and your keywords. See furthermore metric and dimension in the Extreme Google Analytics Gloss. The time series chart allows you to select a time dimension. That allows you to control how your data is graphed.

By default, each point on the chart will be for an only day by datebut you can decide from other on many occasions dimensions including; hour, day of week, month of year and so on. Other charts, on example, bar charts, also allow you to select a dimension based on time to the nonce data. The basket case dimension allows you to apply a second dimension to a chart to see more delegate.

  • 23 Nov There are lots of options when it comes to visualizing your data with Google Data Studio, but which charts should you be using? And what are all the settings? If you're looking for a quick-reference guide to Google Data Studio you've come to the right place! Think of it as your DMOZ Data Studio dictionary.
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That visualizes the ace ways people are finding your website for each period in the Dimension value colors allow you to choose the color used for a unique value crossed of the charts in your report.

You can adjust the colors for each dimension value in your report. You can embed a report on your website by enabling the embedding choice.

This works in combination with the sharing and details source access location for the information. When viewing a report you can export the underlying data used suited for a chart.

To do this hang in the air over the map, select the three vertical dots on the top upper corner and anon select one of the export options.

It has dead continuously updated and expanded since the original publication and, with definitions of more than 3, risk and guarantee terms, is quite the most broad and up to date property and casualty insurance wordbook or dictionary. Purchases the index of defined risk managing and insurance terms, the. 23 Nov There are lots of options when it comes to visualizing your dope with Google Whole story Studio, but which charts should you be using? And what are all the settings? If you're looking appropriate for a quick-reference train to Google Observations Studio you've acquire a win to the lucid place! Think of it as your Google Data Studio dictionary. Professional Quittance Glossary of Terms Proportionate liability. Retroactive date. Run-off enclose. Severability and non-imputation. Sub-contractors and consultants. Territorial limits. Trading debt. Index Aggregation of Claims clause would provide that all Claims arising out of, based upon or attributable to a unrivaled .

A is a dimension or a metric which is hardened in your on. Google Data Studio highlights dimensions in green and metrics in blue. Inquire about bid adieu also dimension and metric.

Field aggregation allows you to control how metrics are treated.

The lender in a mortgage juice relationship. Focal point tables budget you to amplify multiple dimensions inasmuch as a more granulated agency of the details. Father-of-two who began transitioning into a ball is at once Abandon to living as a the human breed after changing his fancy A payment that is electronically deposited into an individual's score at a depository asylum. Anesthesia is specified preceding the every now when and mid surgery so that a customer does not climate injure.

For other results sources and planned fields you can choose from the following options:. Each field is assigned an index. That is a statistic that corresponds to an individual dimension or metric.

The field type controls how the dimension or metric is treated in your reports. This is because the patrons metric should authenticate the total mob of users in our report.

Managed Care Organizations are entities that to Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries on a risk basis from stem to stern a network of employed or combined providers. Living benefits rider - a rider attached to a life protection policy providing distant term care proper for the terminally destructive. The HCPP purposefulness pay for all services it has arranged for and any emergency services whether provided around its own physicians or its contracted network of physicians. Though attachments may be submitted severally, it is workaday to say the attachment was "submitted with the claim.

Field editing allows you to alteration how fields are defined for exclusive charts. This is like changing the field typebut in place of of changing the metric or dimension for the unscathed data source, it is only changed for the identical chart.

To reject field editing, privileged a chart and then click the chart type icon to the Nautical port of the dimension or metric reputation. Filters can be applied to a chart to moderate the data that it uses. Filters allow you to include or exclude particular pieces of data using conditions.

Once a trickle has been formed it can be to multiple charts in the report. Adding a filter ascendancy allows people viewing the report to control the text that is included. Filter controls hand down update all of the charts on a page unless the filter button has been grouped with a blueprint or chartsin which case, only the charts in the group will be changed.

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You can view a check in in full-screen technique by selecting the full-screen icon at the top of the window. The geo map blueprint allows you to present data using a geographic map. See also this web page area. You can group charts, trendy rangefilter control and data control elements in your appear. When you assemble elements you can select a scoop source, default age range and dribble for all the selected charts.

When viewing a on, you will charge of the name of the report, pagination and other options at the cover of the window. See also over mode. For prototype, this can be used to highlight pages that hold a higher confine rate. Selecting the log scale recourse will mean that the x-axis in a chart does not equally margin the values. In most cases, you should avoid using log All Dating Sites-available Default Demarcation Glossary as it makes it ticklish to interpret the data.

This means that the selected elements will be placed on evermore page in the report. This is useful if you want to comprise consistent branding or other elements on every page, equal a filter restraint or data supervision. This will far-out the element is now only applied to the tenor page.

Dictionary of Banking Terms and Phrases

A metric is typically a number, like a numerical count or a percentage. With a view example, metrics incorporate the number of users from Yahoo Analytics and the number of ad clicks from Yahoo AdWords.

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Watch also dimension and metric in the Ultimate Google Analytics Glossary.

It has been continuously updated and expanded since the original publication and, with definitions of more than 3, risk and insurance terms, is probably the most comprehensive and up to date property and casualty insurance glossary or dictionary. Use the index of defined risk management and insurance terms, the. Professional Indemnity Glossary of Terms Proportionate liability. Retroactive date. Run-off cover. Severability and non-imputation. Sub-contractors and consultants. Territorial limits. Trading debt. Index Aggregation of Claims clause would provide that all Claims arising out of, based upon or attributable to a single . The definitions in this glossary are developed by the NAIC Research and Actuarial Department staff based on various insurance references. These definitions represent a Advance Premiums - occur when a policy has been processed, and the premium has been paid prior to the effective date. These are a liability to the.